Hearing a story about a puppy who has been intentionally killed is really saddening. In Albuquerque in Mexico, a passerby was dismayed to see a little pup flying down like a bird from the veranda of a third-floor apartment. You may be surprised that the poor little Husky was tossed off the apartment intentionally by a heartless and evil woman. Unfortunately, the puppy did not survive.

Due to this incident, a criminal accusation was made against the lady. And thankfully, the police officers immediately came to investigate the issue. The corpse of the puppy was recovered from a neighboring dumpster. Even so, a computer chip check disclosed that the poor puppy had a place with a 28-year-old woman named Ashley Scott.

Ashley Scott – the woman who throws a little husky from the balcony of an apartment.
Photo Source: Twitter/Albuquerque Police Department

On the other hand, witnesses assure that Scott is the person who intentionally tossed the pup. The necropsy of the little dog is predicted for additional activity. The 28-year-old woman has no previous criminal record. But because of the incident, Ashley is now charged for nasty savagery to animals.

In addition to that, she is charged with two counts of a battery as an impairment to a synchronization official. Hopefully, she will get the severest discipline for her disgusting protest of homicide.

Signs of Animal Cruelty

  1. A person is beating, kicking, or otherwise harming an animal physically.
  2. An animal that has injuries beginning to heal but has new injuries as well.
  3. The collar of the animal is too tight causing strangulation, injury, pain, and death.
  4. Don’t have regular access to water and fresh food
  5. Lack of proper grooming. It means the animal has untreated sores, overgrown nails and coat, and uncontrollable fur matting.
  6. Lack of sanitation with debris and feces covering the living area of the animal.
  7. Animals were caged into messy cages or kernels.
  8. Extreme thinness as well as visible bones. Such conditions may possibly mean starvation and emaciation.

If you witness an act of abuse, cruelty, or neglect against animal keep in mind that it’s your more duty to report it to law enforcement. Or to people who are in charge of cruelty investigations in your place. On the other hand, it may possibly take more than reporting animal abuse to authority. That is why, if you want to help in impeaching the culprit the best thing that you can make is to document all the important details. This includes the time and date when the incident takes place. After which, contact the animal control as soon as possible.

Here’s the video of this horrific act: 

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