Millions of companion animals get abandoned each year. Some of the luckier abandoned animals end up in animal shelters that became their second family where they are fed, bathe, treated, and cared for. Those who are less fortunate, are just abandoned and left to die. Just like these puppies who were found by a curious woman.

An unnamed woman was driving by a road in Texas while the sun was blazing. While she drives, she noticed a blue cooler with a white lead on the side of the road. The woman decided to pull over and take the cooler home for herself since it looked new and in good condition. She got out of the car to pick up the cooler, curious to see what’s inside. As she opens the lid, she could not believe what she saw. Puppies were crammed inside the cooler, and it’s not just one or two puppies. There were nine puppies that looked like German Shepherds inside!

Source: Hunt County Pets Alive

The puppies are covered with their urine and feces. Had she been focusing on the road, she wouldn’t pull over to take the cooler on that day, and these puppies would have met a cruel end. She contacted the Sulphur Springs animal control department to report what she had found.

Meanwhile, Veterinarian Karri McCreary who is also a rescuer from Hunt County Pets Alive drove to where the woman and puppies were. She provided immediate assistance to the puppies. She also believes that the puppies were found just shortly after they were abandoned on the roadside. If they were found a bit later, the puppies wouldn’t have survived under the extreme heat and the poor ventilation inside the cooler.

Source: Hunt County Pets Alive

Karri checked the puppies one by one and was relieved to find that they were all strong and healthy. The puppies were then brought to the animal shelter where Karri works as a rescuer. In there, they were given additional medical care and vaccines. The puppies also started to live their lives outside of the cooler. Now, the puppies love playing and napping. Families also immediately lined up to take them home after the efforts of the workers from Hunt County Pets Alive.

This is not the first time a batch of puppies were abandoned irresponsibly by their owners. Some animals are badly neglected and tortured, some are stuffed inside a suitcase, and some did not survive at all. These animals do not deserve to be treated badly. A lot of animal shelters and other responsible humans are willing to take care of them.

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