Just like people, dogs love treats, it smells good and it tastes good. It is like a desert different from their usual conventional dog food. A study even suggests that dogs like it when they work for it.

That is why 28-year old woman, Ashley Liistro from Bristol, Connecticut thought that someone was just trying to be friendly and tossed some milk bones that got wet over her backyard. After trying to pick up the bones, she was disturbed by the foul odor coming from the bones, she said that “it smelled like a chemical, almost like a bleach”.

Source: WFSB

After the incident, she noticed that her two dogs– 1-year old Luna and 6-year old Buddy are both not in good shape since. Both of the dogs have been throwing up heavily since they found the milk bones in the yard. She thought that she had found the tainted milk bones before the dog did, however, it seemed like they consumed some of it before it got disposed of. The dogs were in and out of the veterinary clinic, especially Buddy who was in worse condition.

Liistro reported the incident to the Bristol police after throwing the milk bones. She said that there were six in total and it was mushy. She never expected that someone would try to harm her dogs. She liked the neighborhood where they live in, and she claims that it is a safe neighborhood. Which is why she has asked her sister to post the incident on Social Media, she wanted the people to be aware of what they experienced to possibly catch the culprit and prevent any future incidents like this.

Source: WFSB

The authorities had investigated, and an animal control officer stated that the dogs appear to be healthy. There are also no similar cases reported within the area. Currently, there are no suspects but if anyone has information, they ask to contact the Bristol Police.

Meanwhile, just a month before this incident, a number of dogs have become severely sick in New Haven, a city just an hour away from Bristol. Reports say that the dogs may have been purposely thrown some rat poison that looked like dog treats over one of the victim’s backyard. They believe that it was intentional as it started since June.

Intoxication caused by poison can be fatal to dogs, especially if not given proper treatment. Symptoms can be vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy. In case of suspected poison, bring the animal to the nearest vet or contact the Animal Poison Control Center or ASPCA.

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