In Pennsylvania, a dog named Peanut has been living a lonely life chained in a gloomy, secluded kennel. As if it was a divine intervention or just a mere coincidence that his owner’s old fence finally broke down, and the 3-year-old dog’s pitiful living situation was now open for everyone to see.

Some concerned neighbors asked Peanut’s owner to let him go due to his neglectful ways, but the owner did not allow their simple request.  The locals just couldn’t ignore seeing Peanut’s abusive condition, that in order to help the poor dog, a movement was started by a woman named Russelline Steinbuhler.

Most of the time, Russelline would make quick visits to Peanut’s home to comfort and make him feel that he is loved. The dog would often jump in pure bliss whenever he gets to see his frequent visitor, but this happiness only lasts for so long—for it pains him every time he moves due to the short heavy chains around his neck. Russelline has been frustrated ever since with her constant failed efforts to free Peanut.

Fortunately, for Peanut, Pennsylvania’s tethering laws changed. This new law has strict implementations and restrictions on chained dogs that are kept outside for a whole day and when in bad weather conditions. With Peanut’s condition, his owners had been forced to leave him in the animal shelter’s care.

In this short clip, you’ll witness Peanut in his now happy and free state, that will surely leave you teary-eyed. This precious pup is currently at a foster home where he is free to run and roam around as he pleases. Though he still has ongoing medication for Lyme disease, he responds well to his treatments and is recovering very positively.

Peanut's freedom Walk

And then it happened, we took Peanut off the chain and dove him to his new life.

Posted by Russelline Steinbuhler on Sunday, August 20, 2017

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