Cruelty to animals is punishable by law in many countries. Animal cruelty is not only limited to physical abuse, but it also takes in different forms like negligence and inappropriately confining the animal. This has resulted in many animal rights organizations pushing penalties for animal cruelty in different states and countries.

An 8-year old Central Asian Sheepdog was seized by the police after a shocking video of the dog getting dragged in a highway was uploaded online by 41-year old famous singer from Russia, Olga Orlova uploaded the video to her 1.6 million followers on Instagram with the captions, “Emotions, of course, cannot be described with mere words. I believe people like this should be locked up, but sadly our laws do not support my opinion. However, I really hope that measures are taken against the cruel owner and anyone else who abuses animals.”

Source: Instagram

The video shows the poor dog tied to the moving vehicle panting and losing balance while being dragged along the Kievskoye, Highway in Moscow. The driver in the car ahead where the dog was tied to was obviously doing it on purpose as it drives slowly – but still hard for the dog to keep up with.

The dog appears to be disoriented from extreme exhaustion as it continues to be dragged by the vehicle. The dog stumbles a couple of times until the dog collapses very close to the wheels and the car finally made a full stop. The terrified man who took the video jumped out of the car to save the dog and confront the owner.

Source: Instagram

The poor dog has been confiscated by the authorities and it was sent to an animal shelter to be cared for. The dog’s medical condition was checked, and they found out that it already has a couple of health complications because of the negligence and poor treatment by its previous owner, weighing only 71 kilograms.

There is no news whether the owner who dragged the poor dog in the car will face charges. Meanwhile, the video has resulted in an outrage by the people expressing their disgust against how the dog was treated. Russian local news also implied that activists for animal rights have initially failed to take the dog away from its owner because the owner refused. The owner only agreed to let go of the dog after the police interfered.

Report any abuse and cruelty towards animal to your local authority to prevent these kinds of shameless acts.

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