A 25-year-old man named, Daniel Ruiz was asked to babysit two children. The mom of the kids, Andrea and Ruiz’s girlfriend, Terra are said to be friends and went out to buy something for a while. The two were gone for only half an hour. In that short while, a 1-year-old baby had died a horrific death, and an intentional murder was committed, Ruiz is now facing 25 years in jail!

He was said to have been looking after the baby and at some point, suddenly felt that he was taken advantage of by the two women by making him babysit the children. He became frustrated and decided to crush the defenseless infant to death with his foot!

Based on the reports, he allegedly stepped on baby Scarlett’s while she was lying down, and used his full force and weight to pressed down on her chest. Records show that Ruiz weighed 230 pounds.

While poor helpless Scarlett was slowly dying and gasping for air, Ruiz decided to turn on the television. He then slightly slapped the baby’s cheek to wake her up after having a seizure due to what had happened.

Finally, the two women arrived home only to find out that the baby had to be rushed to the hospital, as Ruiz had told them. Later at the hospital, the infant eventually died from the brutal incident. The guilty Ruiz did not tell anyone of what he had done but had no escape from the truth. The autopsy report showed the infant’s cause of death and uncovered his heinous crime.

It was revealed by Kathleen DiDonato, Lead Deputy District Attorney, that while being confronted by the police, Ruiz stated that he felt way better after squashing the infant. This man has some serious mental issues and needs to be locked up for a very very long time.

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