In Butler County, Ohio, the family of a 9-month old German Shepherd named Ruger was put down after a deadly beat by a neighbor. The poor animal got loose and ran into a neighbor’s yard.  Authorities said that it is Miller’s right to protect himself against animal threats on his property. However, if the animal was beaten five to ten times, then the threat disappears and what he did is just cruelty. Because of self-defense laws, he wouldn’t have to face charges if he had taken a gun and shot the dog.

According to a sheriff’s office, the dog was found in Miller’s property bleeding and not moving. Ruger was brought to a veterinary clinic and would need at least $30,000 for a chance to save him. Because of this and the severe injuries he received from the blows, even though it is against the family’s will, they chose to put him down.

Skylar Foster, the owner of Ruger, was cited in the municipal court for being unable to keep the dog in their property. While the neighbor, 60-year old Charles Miller has been initially charged with cruelty to a companion animal, a first-degree misdemeanor for hitting Ruger multiple times. Michael Gmoser, a Butler County Prosecutor, has intervened in Miller’s case as he wants to refile the charge as a felony.

There were conflicting stories about the reason why Ruger was in Miller’s property as well as with the number of times he was beaten by the baseball bat. Kevin Foster stated that the gate was left open after Miller entered their yard to find and bring back two of his chicken that has entered Foster’s property and Ruger followed him back to his yard.

According to Miller’s story, someone told him that there was a dog pursuing his chickens in the coop. He went there and found the dog with a chicken in his mouth. He claims that his initial intention was just to confine the dog, but the dog snarled at him and hit it once since he was afraid that the dog would attack him. Miller’s attorney appealed that he is not guilty and was able to get out of jail after paying a $10,000 bond.

Meanwhile, a group of people gathers to support Ruger’s family, asking justice for the death of Ruger. The protesters were upset that Miller got out of jail and went to the Middletown Municipal Court on August 9. After the hearing, the protesters chased after Miller while shouting that he is a murderer. A press conference was held outside the City Building by Skylar and her father, Kevin Foster regarding the case. The family started raising funds to help stop animal cruelty, saying that there should not be another Ruger.

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