In just a few minutes, a fire can consume a small home and become life-threatening. When these unfortunate house fires occur, people tend to escape–save themselves and their family first before thinking of their belongings. Most of the time, it is so overwhelming, confusing and terrifying that some owners even forget about their pets. In this case, a fire has trapped and almost killed an 8-year-old Shiba Inu dog, named Taka. His family was not able to rescue him from the unfortunate fire that consumed their home. Good thing he escaped and ran outside to safety on his own.

The dog was then given urgent care for the injuries he suffered from the incident. Emily Martin from Care More Animal Hospital in Georgia also gave the dog oxygen due to smoke inhalation. She was said to have brought Taka to her house sometimes to treat him there, for his speedy recovery.

When Taka was able to overcome his critical stage, Emily then began to concentrate on treating his eyes, ears, mouth, and belly where he appeared to have suffered severe burns. However, the poor dog was blinded from the unfortunate incident and needs to recover from his physical injuries very soon.

As Taka cries from suffering every night from his pain, Emily was always there to comfort the poor dog. She would often take naps with him and sing him to sleep whenever he was having a hard time. With Emily’s help, Taka has been trying his best to bring back his old happy self again.

We have also learned that Taka’s family could not take care of him anymore due to his special needs. They have entrusted him to Emily, and all thanks to her, Taka is completely healed and has found a new home. He is also excited for his new family, where he will be loved and properly cared for always. He was said to have been adopted by one of the Hospital Staff, and look how happy he is now! Such an adorable angel!

Taka is doing well today. He has a great appetite and is more interactive. It seems like he can see a little bit, as he navigates outside very well, mostly using his smell which is on point!! So we are happy to see that. He is still being kept on high doses of pain meds and sleeps a lot. He is strong and he is a fighter. Falling in love with this guy is the easiest thing we have ever done!! ❤️❤️

Posted by Care More Animal Hospital on Sunday, October 28, 2018

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