A dog was reportedly stolen in Brooklyn, New York just outside of a grocery store. Theo, a sick 10-year-old Border terrier was owned by Bre Kelly and she is determined to find her beloved pet. Luckily enough, surveillance footage of the abduction of the dog was recorded and two thieves were seen snatching the dog while the other one kept on the lookout.

The Brooklyn native was concerned with her pet’s health as the said dog was already old and was suffering from many illnesses including arthritis, gingivitis, tumor, and pancreatitis. Bre set out a large amount of reward money for anyone who gives her Theo back safe and will not press charges if the beloved pet was unscathed.

Luckily, Theo was found by an unnamed woman who has contacted Bre for the return of her beloved pet, as per NYPD. The stolen dog must have been anxious and nervous about the whole incident but is thankfully safe and appears to have no signs of injuries whatsoever.

The thieves are yet to be caught and the police are still investigating the case. The woman who found Theo is also being interviewed, as said by inside sources.

In the meantime, Bre is just so happy and thankful that she has been reunited with the beloved pet. She also thanked and acknowledged everyone that has contributed to finding Theo. Everyone is advised that if they have any information on dognappers or any criminal activity, they can report or send tips to NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS(8477)

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