In Massachusetts, a man named Richard Piquard was reportedly arrested for the charge of animal cruelty. The 24-year-old allegedly buried his dog alive, an 18-year-old Shi Tzu named Chico, due to troubles involving Chico and his new pet kitten. The dog was said to have died earlier that day, before being buried, Piquard claimed. A friend of his, named Kaylee Belanger, was the one to have rescued Chico from his untimely death.

Richard was said to have shown Kaylee his new pet kitten and asked her to help Chico find another home. Kylee then was skeptical after Richard told her that Chico suddenly died with no apparent reason. After discovering this, she began to investigate and was shocked to find the poor dog alive gasping for air, yet was buried in the ground—not far away from Richard’s residence.

The sight of Chico tied to a heavy object, covered in dirt, barely being able to breathe was so devastating, that Kaylee had to rush him to the vet so he can get immediate attention. Unfortunately, he had to be euthanized after a day, due to his old age and hopeless condition. Chico was not originally Richard’s dog, but rather his ex-girlfriend’s. The dog was supposedly living with him only because the ex-girlfriend can’t bring Chico to her new apartment.

Although being charged with animal cruelty, Richard was later then released with a $1000 bail. Animal control has confiscated his pet kitten and banned him from ever owning a pet again. Can you even imagine such a cruel act being done to your beloved pets? Do you think justice was served for poor little Chico’s horrible death?

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