Parents choose the best school for their kids in hopes of giving quality education that will eventually help them shape their future. Teachers though, you can’t normally choose. As some educators may seem strict with their students, their methods of discipline rarely harm or embarrasses a child for they are enforced only to improve the child’s attitude towards learning.

Unfortunately, in some cases, teachers use punishment with unacceptable methods. Such as in this particular situation involving a second-grade student who was allegedly forced by his teacher to do something unreasonable.

This incident was reported back in 2016, at the Cool Spring Primary School in King Williams, VA. This situation raised some questions of concern as to what considerable punishments are to be enforced to students and as to when teachers are said to have crossed the line in terms of discipline.

However, what this particular teacher did was just plain horrible. She was said to have forced her misbehaving students to put their heads in a bucket full of urine, as a sort of humiliating punishment for their actions. It was said that the class was forced to stuck their heads and sniff the bucket full of pee in the hopes of catching the culprit who urinated on the said bucket.

A concerned father of one of the students involved in the incident, remembers how his son got home–seemingly distressed from his day at school. Shawn Martin, the boy’s father, asked his son how bad could the kid’s day have been, for he was just 8 years old and in the second grade. The boy blatantly told his parents about the incident at school, they were angered by what happened and reported the teacher to the school administrators.

Martin said, “She made every male student smell the urine in the bucket, they were told to stick their head in the bucket, smell the urine, and give their opinion from the smell of the urine which child urinated in the bucket.” Out of all the possible ways to handle the said situation, the teacher chose to put the kids in an awkward and embarrassing state.

After the school board was made aware of the incident, they only stated that it was a personnel matter and informed the complainants that the teacher involved, with 26 years of working experience in the school, was not fired from the job. However, they took the matter accordingly and made sure that this incident won’t happen again.

The student’s parents were not quite satisfied with how the school administration handled the matter. “Unprofessional conduct” was filed as a complaint against the said teacher. Martin said that the school just wanted to sweep the incident under the rug as if it never occurred, for him it was unacceptable. Martin was offered by the school to transfer his son to a different class, but he positively doesn’t think it would make the situation any better. How could an educator with that much experience do such a terrible thing like that? Actions have consequences and she should face hers.

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